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Fuel your business growth with a flexible supply chain finance facility

A simple process

Our process is designed to supply cash and grant credit to the parties concerned in the most efficient manner. The objective is always to alleviate the pressures created in the cash to cash cycle and to give the client the maximum benefit in their relationships with either supplier or customer.

Goals & objectives

  1. Enhance the balance sheet and income statement
  2. Alleviate cash to cash cycle pressures
  3. Create a more profitable, efficient and sustainable business

Grow your bottom line

By strengthening the Income Statement and Balance Sheet of your company, a Tower Trade Group supply chain finance solution can kick your business into top gear. We do not require a stake or shareholding in your company, it remains 100% yours, instead we work with you to ensure a product is delivered that caters to your individual requirements.

Existing supplier relationships are maintained, if not improved, by a more efficient supply chain. Cash discount negotiations with your suppliers may even offset the cost of funding ultimately going back into your bottom line

We are personal

We aim to build long lasting relationships with our customers. You will receive dedicated attention and guidance from a member of our skilled team during both the onboarding and trading processes.

An example of our supply chain finance process

Payment Requested

The customer requests a supplier payment be made and passes our due diligence process

Payment Made

The supplier is paid upon the customer accepting the trade finance invoice

Goods Sold

The customer sells the new goods and collects their revenue

Up to 120 days

Up to 120 days

Extend credit up to 120 days

Works with your business

Works with your business

A non-invasive solution designed for maximum usability

Full transparency

Full transparency

There are no hidden costs in our services

Currency flexibility

Currency flexibility

Full currency hedging and currency risk mitigation solutions

Fast decisions

Fast decisions

Supply chain finance solutions provided in a fast and efficient manner

Enhance existing funding

Enhance existing funding

We work alongside traditional funding solutions without affecting existing funding relationships

For SMEs

The key benefit of this collaboration is that SME’s are given access to the same range of Supply Chain Finance Services that would ordinarily only be available to rated companies and large corporates.

The two key benefits of our Supply Chain Finance services that are enjoyed by SME’s utilising this service are:

    • Access to additional short term working capital
    • This capital is designed to match the SME’S cash to cash cycle which takes the strain out of meeting cash flow demands.

The Supply Chain Finance facilities are provided in those areas most needed by SME’s

    • In procuring product or raw material and pre shipment finance from suppliers.
    • In receiving cash from customers in a new and innovative way that is far more beneficial than traditional debtor funding programmes.

For Corporates

By providing our services to SME’s, that are either suppliers or customers of the corporate, we enhance the operations of our corporate clients in a variety of innovative ways. for example:

    • We ensure that the supply risk to the corporate (lack of supply through lack of funding) is substantially reduced.
    • We are able to enhance returns on corporate cash deposits.
    • We are able to provide additional credit lines to selected SME customers which in turn is able to increase corporates sales. As these additional sales are cash sales, this improves cash flow and entirely removes credit risk for the additional sales.
    • We focus on both balance sheet and income statement enhancement for our corporate clients by providing our services to related SME suppliers and customers.
    • This leads to improved reported financial improvement and can lead to an improved share price.

In conclusion, any SME or corporate that is seriously intent in improving the quality of it’s performance and long term growth, an in-depth knowledge of the enhanced benefits of Supply Chain Finance is essential

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