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Institutional funding opportunities powering global trade

Invested in trade

Tower Trade Group of companies offers an exciting opportunity to get involved in a rapidly growing market with a very straight forward approach.

By partnering with award winning fund administrators and technology vendors, our product range for funders is just as exciting as our customer offerings.

Gaining attention

National governments recognise the supply chain as a method of stimulating growth in economies and are structuring frameworks from which the industry will only strengthen.

What this ultimately means is growing demand for solutions like those offered by the Tower Trade Group of companies. These solutions that have been developed with the future of the industry in mind to deliver consistently and reliably for both funder and customer

Invoice Offered

Tower Trade Group offers a trade finance invoice on the Prime Revenue platform

Invoice Is Accepted

The funder accepts the invoice and money flows to the customer’s supplier

Outside the box investments

Outside the box investments

Secure supply chain finance products provided to meet growing and unsatisfied market needs.

Non-market correlated

Non-market correlated

Supply chain finance assets (ETRs) that self liquidate and replace traditional loans

Protected from risk

Protected from risk

Our investment options protect funders from both systemic and credit risks

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