Who we are

Tower Trade Group (TTG) is a global non-bank trade finance company headquartered in Fribourg, Switzerland that provides enhanced trade services to client companies. TTG originates clients who have a requirement for enhanced working capital, improved cash flow and more effective cash to cash cycles

Typically, TTG provides additional capital lines to clients and extended trading terms of up to 120 days (but with potential to extend up to 5+ years), to greatly improve their cash management and increase the overall value of their companies. Specifically, TTG provides non-market correlated Enhanced Trade Receivable Assets (ETR Assets), on a securitised basis, or wrapped in ‘A rated’ insurance cover, that are generally short-term and self-liquidating in nature. TTG also has the ability to leverage off “long-dated receivables” – by creating ASSETS, funded today, with structured payment well into the future

The funding of these assets is derived from TTG’s extensive international third-party funding base which specialises in the provision of various forms of trade finance in the marketplace

Our ability to dynamically and effectively service clients while maintaining accuracy and overall compliance is made possible by our in-house trading and relationship platforms, SCF Trader & SCF CRM

Our values

Our relationships are built on mutual trust, respect and understanding; which we believe is the foundation of long-lasting and successful business partnerships
We aim to stay at the leading edge of supply chain finance, thinking outside of the box and constantly offering new and innovative solutions
We foster an ethos of humility to ensure that we work effectively with our partners and clients. Teamwork is of utmost importance to us
We take great pride in acknowledging the contributions of all parties, give credit where credit is due, and share generously with others

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