Greensill Capital

Founded in 2011 by Lex Greensill, the company is headquartered in London with offices in New York, Chicago, Miami, Frankfurt, Bremen, Singapore, Sydney and Johannesburg with more than 170 specialists worldwide.

Greensill provides Supply Chain Finance to customers across Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia and works with a host of banks and institutional investors to provide solid funding streams to underpin the process.

Greensill and Tower Trade Group have been working together in partnership providing working capital solutions for clients for over 7 years.

Advance Global Capital

Advance Global Capital, Ltd (AGC) is a financial services company based in the UK that focuses on financial inclusion by connecting small and medium-sized businesses in need of working capital with investors who seek commercial rates of return and a positive social impact. AGC takes a centuries old financing tool and overlay expertise in structuring, risk management and financial software to bring global capital to underserved businesses around the world.

AGC works with forward-thinking investors to put their principal to work with their values. They provide advice and origination support to investment funds with a focus on invoice discounting for SMEs with high growth potential.


Rasmala is a specialist asset management and investment banking group with nearly twenty years’ experience investing alongside Gulf based investors. Established in 1999 to provide a wide range of investment solutions to institutional and private investors, the business was founded by well-known regional investors and Deutsche Bank.

The firm operates from strategic hubs in London and Dubai and invests both regionally and internationally.

Bidvest Bank

Bidvest Bank is an entrepreneurial bank that was born to change the way people and businesses view financial solutions.

As both a South African bank and a subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited, Bidvest Bank is a dynamic business that seeks opportunities and market gaps that ‘traditional’ banking often neglects or ignores. Bidvest abides by legislation without ever letting processes, resources or systems restrict them from satisfying their customers.

Tradeflow (Joint Venture Partner)

Tradeflow provides specialist trade finance solutions focussed on improving the cash flow in businesses. With decades of experience in trade finance and the support of Bidvest Bank, Tradeflow is able to offer agile, convenient solutions that really deliver.

Tradeflow’s supply chain financing facilities are simple to structure and easy to use, thanks to TTG’s advanced in-house trading platform, SCF Trader. Financing costs are always based on the purchase price of the goods, resulting in interest costs being levied on a lower base, compared to other forms of finance.

Deal Partners

Deal Partners Limited is a traditional trading company backed by the UK’s EIS programme. This allows its customers access to lines of funding that may have otherwise been inaccessible.

Deal Partners looks to provide a seamless service for its customers, giving a door-to-door solution for the procurement and delivery of products. Included in this seamless offering are services such as marine and transport insurance, foreign exchange solutions, duty and VAT payments, warehouse, local transport and extended credit terms.

This effectively allows its customers to enjoy reduced foreign exchange risk, reduced administration and related costs, lower insurance costs as a result of the matched cash-to-cash cycle, access to greater sources of supply and procurement facilities and finally, proven increase in profitability.


Founded in 2003, PrimeRevenue has become an acknowledged leader and innovative award-winning provider in multibank Supply Chain Finance. More than 13,000 customers around the world trust PrimeRevenue to optimize their financial supply chain. Customers look to their award-winning trading platform, OpenSCi, to help manage their most valuable asset: their cash flow.

The PrimeRevenue OpenSCi supplier finance platform operates in the cloud, providing a single point of access for businesses to increase payment terms to their suppliers while reducing collection time from their customers.

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