Tradeflow (Joint Venture Partner)

Tradeflow provides specialist trade finance solutions focussed on improving the cash flow in businesses. With decades of experience in trade finance and the support of Bidvest Bank, Tradeflow is able to offer agile, convenient solutions that really deliver.

Tradeflow’s supply chain financing facilities are simple to structure and easy to use, thanks to TTG’s advanced in-house trading platform, SCF Trader. Financing costs are always based on the purchase price of the goods, resulting in interest costs being levied on a lower base, compared to other forms of finance.

Bidvest Bank (Partner)

Bidvest Bank is an entrepreneurial bank that was born to change the way people and businesses view financial solutions.

As both a South African bank and a subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited, Bidvest Bank is a dynamic business that seeks opportunities and market gaps that ‘traditional’ banking often neglects or ignores. Bidvest abides by legislation without ever letting processes, resources or systems restrict them from satisfying their customers.

Your Company

Our partnerships have been built over time with industry leaders in order to improve the Tower Trade Group product offering. It is with these partners that we are able to offer our services and solutions to companies with a need. If you feel you or your company can contribute, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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