Our Product

  • Increases trading capacity and trade volume with key suppliers
  • Enhances working capital, improves cash flow and delivers more effective cash to cash cycles across the Supply Chain
  • Creates an opportunity for supplier discounts from early payments, and extends payment terms for clients

The traditional TTG product where limited Trade Facilities are granted to well-structured investment and sub-investment grade companies of an acceptable obligor risk rating on a rolling basis. These facilities enable early supplier payments as well as extended credit terms for clients. They are off balance sheet, dynamic, short-term and self-liquidating in nature

Commercial Benefits

  • Increased profitability
  • Material cash flow enhancement
  • Improvements to RONA & EVA
  • Access to cash discounts
  • Access to extended trading terms and benefit from discounts
  • Access to additional working capital
  • Competitive funding rates
  • Multiple funding sources which reduce banking risk
  • Ability to expand one’s business – CAPEX
  • Matched cash to cash cycles
  • Products apply to purchase and sales side of the Supply Chain
  • Excellent returns on dormant funds
  • Usually no additional collateral required
  • Enhances a client’s balance sheet (de-consolidation)
  • Favourable cash conversion cycles
  • Improvement to company value/share price
  • Reduced trading risk
  • Complements bank finance
  • No impact on existing banking lines
  • No non-utilization fees

For You

We understand that not all businesses are the same which is why our suite of services can be tailored to your specific needs. Our partnerships within the industry allow us to develop a solution that will address your unique scenario.

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